My belief is that, everyone deserves to have their story put together.
Because i know, that over time, that story becomes priceless.
Picturing Your parents, first house, children when they're still growing.
Passion you share, mornings which are, or are not a routine you love and share with each other.
When you look at the other person working, reading and find calmness in that.
All of those become of importance, and we know.. it all happens so fast.

That's the essence of reportage - a few pictures, put all together to portray Your story.

By profession, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker - meaning, normally i photograph news, people in need, social affairs, politicians. Things how they are but constantly looking for a new angle, going in depth to understand and extract the aesthetic essence. Pictures are sometimes raw, sometimes they catch a breath, give a detail to point at. They are different, using experience form Palestine, Japan or Azerbaijan the frames I looked at for years at Reuters international news - it all gives a little rough edges to the pictures.

Now. It all starts from You. 
Imagine what inspires you in the relationship, how you remember your family house, your parents in the kitchen. Visualise, hear, smell what you remember.  Now, let's put the cameras to work, from the early morning, time spent over coffee, work, regular friday/saturday. Going to that family house. Going to that place you met.
And let's bring that to the picture.  
Family Reportage
2.200 EUR 

Weekend photoshoot
This includes travel costs of the photographer,
10 to 15 high quality pictures
2 pictures of choice in print on premium Hahnemühle paper, size A3

Important! The photographer would stay close to your location or at your home on the couch.
I work on Leica and Canon R5 cameras.
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