Born in 1994, Poland. 
Visual Journalist.
Developing my field of interest within the scope of identity. Political, geographical, and religious integrity that influences on how we observe and react to the world. Throughout my work, I try to explore its resonance in everyday life. To answer questions related to today’s political decisions and rising extremism.
Freelance camera operator for PAP - Polish Press Agency
Freelance photojournalist for NurPhoto and Forum
Worked for Reuters as a Picture Editor.
And as a photojournalist at Agencja Gazeta
Publications :
Reuters/Gazeta Wyborcza/PAP/Der Spiegel/Polityka/Sputnik/Wysokie Obcasy/Outriders/Krytyka Polityczna
Education :
University of Arts in London,
London College of Communication
Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

Awards for the team while being an editor:
2020 Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News Photography for Photography Staff of Reuters 
For wide-ranging and illuminating photographs of Hong Kong as citizens protested infringement of their civil liberties and defended the region’s autonomy by the Chinese government. 
2022 Pulitzer Prize Finalist in Feature Photography for Photography Staff of Reuters
For images of climate change collected around the globe, effectively portraying extreme and dangerous natural events as common and widespread threats to human life.
Photojournalist | Cameraperson | Photo Editor 
News. Foreign Affairs. Reportage. Portraits.
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