Wedding Documentary

Engagement is not only a time of preparation for the wedding but above all a time for You. A time of trial, mutual declaration, work on oneself, and pleasing each other. This is the time that speaks about you and makes an important announcement before the change.

I am a documentary photographer. As much as the situation I perceive, I am interested in its cause and arising. That is why my offer includes both the day of the ceremony – wedding, reception, but also a pre-wedding reportage, the time of your establishment as a couple.

My work goes along with the narrative of your path from the moment we get to know each other, to the extent that we determine so that the time I spent with you will allow me to form your portrait.

You can think of the offer as a document about you. Composed of:

Pre-wedding reportage:

About how you spend your time every day – together and separately. It can be a day of planned activities or a slow, quiet time at home. Maybe with family or friends. Also to photograph you separately – at work, in your time off. I want to capture your memory of life before the wedding – your friends, family, hen party or bachelor party – not every photo has to be in the album afterward 🙂  I would like to document one, maybe several, days of your life to compose the wedding day with memories, items, places, characters that brought you to the altar.

And from a photo reportage of the wedding and reception:

A reminder of what we determine that is important to you – I can photograph this ceremony either as an event in the space of time consisting of preparations, wedding, and reception, or focus on the broader context of what it is for you so that with the previously created material it creates a whole story.

In my current job, I look at the world without judging it. I value honesty and admire people.
Reportage, travel, and documentary photography are my way of making the most of my life. By photographing the celebrations in the same way, I hope to capture as many memories as possible, for You.

A wedding brings to my mind, above all, the smell of flowers from my childhood. When my mother was starting to decorate weddings, I was sometimes greeted by the arrangement of dozens of live flowers standing in our bathtub when back home from school. Later as huge halls, florists gathering, decorators, and early visitors. It is a breath of freshness and excitement for me. An event ahead of something new, yet unknown to us.

My wedding portfolio, although still modest, I hope will encourage you to uniquely document your story. Please see also my professional works. I hope that thanks to them, my way of looking at the world will become closer to you.