Born in 1994, Poland.

Reuters Pictures Sub-Editor, Global Picture Desk

Interested in identity. Political, geographical, and religious integrity which have an influence on how we observe and react to the world. Throughout his work, he tries to explore and understand its interference in everyday life. To answer questions related to today’s political decisions and rising extremism in.

Kamil Jasiński, photographer, fotograf. News. Portrait. Foreign affairs. Scouting.

Currently focused on Scouting. He reflects on its ethical value, input to the community, historical meaning, and current position in society. But most of all to provoke reflection on contemporary issues. It is to show what drives and gathers scouts, what’s the outcome of their work. With the aim to create work with both archival and educative value. His last work was focused on Syrian refugee scouts living in Turkey.

European Jamboree Chief of Photography
Worked for NurPhoto, Tygodnik Powszechny, and Agencja Gazeta

Volunteer Projects :
Gdansk 2018 Editor-in-Chief of daily newspaper “Skaut Gdański
World Scout Jamboree 2023 photographer
Polish Scouting Association press team member

Publications :
Gazeta Wyborcza/Der Spiegel/Polityka/Reuters/Sputnik/Wysokie Obcasy/Czuwaj/Na Tropie/

Education :
University of Arts in London,
London College of Communication
Photojournalism and Documentary Photography alumni.